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Affiliate Marketing and PPC Beginners Guide

by Alexander Price

Affiliate marketing is taking the internet by storm it is turning paupers in to kings and with this article I will send you on your way to becoming a master of Affiliate marketing.

First of all affiliate marketing comes in all shapes and forms but has three main components, The Product you are marketing, the commission you are paid and how you market the product.

Firstly the products, there are a large range of products to choose but the choices I recommend are -This online pharmacy has a large of range of Prescription drugs including the popular men’s impotence drugs Cialis and Viagra; you get $20 on all first sales and $10 on re orders.

Commission Junction – Is similar to a middle man which handles a large range of affiliate products for different companies, you sign up and choose of literly tens of thousands of quality products, commissions can range from $1 to thousands of dollars.

Clickbank is similar to Commission Junction but its product range is generally of lesser quality such as money making e-books and the like.

Now choosing your product can be a some what interesting experience but the best results are usually achieved by choosing a niche area where competition is less and choosing no more that two to three products at most.

Now generally commissions range all over the place that’s why I recommend a pharmacy for a first try as it’s quite good, but there are plenty of other areas, you just got to find them.

Now that you have chosen your product range it is time to market the product with PPC.

Pay per click it is what is says you pay per click, recommend that you try to budget for a loss at start and learn from it, try to be specific with your keywords. In the PPC arena you usually have to bid against other users

Google Adwords – Generally the biggest out there usually works.

Pageseeker/Roar – Produces quality clicks highly recommended.

GOclick – Have found lower quality clicks but generally cheaper.

It may take time to find the right niche and ppc advertising but if you can find the right balance, you’ll be making money in no time.

Copyright Alexander Price 2006 All Rights Reserved
Alexander Price is an expert in Affialte Marketing and Online pharmacys. If you want to sign up as an affilate at his website you are more than willing to do so.


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